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Empire of the Son: Bridging continents, immigration, and the gap between parent and child

Theatrical presentation of lives and emotions explored Canada’s Tetsuro Shigematsu, a former national radio host, has travelled widely in this country and the world. Perhaps his greatest voyage though has been this most recent trip backward to his father’s life» 

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Coddled pigs feed Japanese demand

Pork production is big business in Canada with Japan buying $868-million worth of Canadian product. The Globe and Mail reports there is a growing Japanese demand for specialty pork. Most pigs in Canada are fed barley and wheat. But for» 


History Sept. 22, 1988: apology to Japanese-Canadians of WWII

In the late 1930;s and early 1940’s western nations knew Japan was posing a military threat. The full scale of Japanese horrors in their attacks on China in the late 1930’s was not yet realized when on December 7, 1941,» 

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Hanako- the world’s loneliest elephant- is dead.

Hanako, meaning ‘flower child’ has died in her enclosure in Japan. Hanako, a female elephant was a gift from the Thai government to Japan and had lived at Tokyo zoo since the age of two. A few years ago Canadian» 

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Trudeau ‘encouraged’ by G7 pledges on ransom payments

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s encouraged by the pledge to stop paying ransoms for hostages made today by his fellow Group of Seven leaders in Japan. The issue of paying ransoms was raised at the summit in Ise-Shima» 

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Trudeau to celebrate wedding anniversary during packed trip to Japan

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to mix some business with pleasure during his packed trip to Japan for bilateral talks and the Group of Seven summit. Trudeau has cleared his calendar for Wednesday of any official business, so he can» 

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Human records confirm climate warming science, (or vice versa)

A vast multitude of scientific studies from all over the world have been showing rapid warming and climate change since the industrial revolution. Now, an international research team has been poring over records of physical observations meticulously and continuously recorded» 

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Vancouver woman’s plea for Japanese elephant

If it was a human, it might well be considered cruel and unusual punishment. That’s what Vancouver blogger Ulara Nakagawa thought when she saw the elephant in what she describes as a “prison” in “one of the cruellest, most archaic» 

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Two crew members on Canadian warship face drug charges in Japan

Two crew members aboard a Canadian frigate are facing drug related charges in Japan after they were detained by Tokyo police, says the Royal Canadian Navy. The pair – a civilian employee and a member of the military – were detained Monday» 

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Chrystia Freeland’s TPP tightrope act

Canada’s International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland has quite a balancing act on her delicate hands when it comes to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. On the one hand, the former top-notch journalist, turned politician, has to balance the fact that the trade»