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Freeland’s Prairies listening tour is under way

Last week after she was designated as one of the main point persons charged with mending fences with Canada’s West following last month’s federal election that saw Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals win exactly zero seats in Alberta and Saskatchewan,» 

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Is an expenses scandal brewing in Alberta? Stay tuned

It’s pretty much a given in politics–anywhere in the world–that rectitude (or at least the perception thereof) plays quite well with voters, thank you very much. Profligacy (or at least the perception thereof)? Not so much. We may be about» 

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Thunberg plans return to Canada

The world’s most famous climate activist plans to return to Canada soon–visiting Alberta, the province at the heart of the country’s oil production. Greta Thunberg tweeted Sunday that she will be heading north following “a few days of well needed» 


Alberta to repeal carbon tax and press on pipelines, says incoming premier

Alberta premier-designate Jason Kenney says he’ll move fast to repeal the carbon tax legislation adopted by the previous centre-left New Democratic Party government and jump-start stalled pipeline projects, setting the stage for a confrontation with the federal government, neighbouring British» 


Alberta elects United Conservative Party government

Alberta woke up to a new centre-right government today after voters in the oil-rich Western Canadian province that has fallen on hard times recently delivered a landslide victory to the United Conservative Party led by Jason Kenney. Tuesday’s election turned» 


Albertans head to the polls after divisive election campaign

Voters in Alberta are going to the polls today to decide who will govern the oil-rich Western Canadian province that has fallen on hard times recently following a global oil price slump compounded by a shortage of pipeline capacity to» 


Albertans set to vote in crucial provincial elections

Residents of Alberta have begun casting their votes in advance polls as the Western Canadian province gets ready for what most Albertans consider as the most crucial election in recent years on April 16, according to a new poll. The» 

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Kenney wants to lower wages for young Alberta workers

There’s an election coming in Alberta and Opposition Leader Jason Kenney is taking something of an unorthodox tack to try to attract votes. Kenney says that if elected, he is prepared to roll back the province’s $15-an-hour minimum wage to» 

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Many Canadian vets unhappy about relationship with Ottawa

When the Liberals swept to power in Canada’s 2015 federal election, a lot of people were excited. Not least among them were Canada’s veterans. Justin Trudeau went out of his way–or so it seemed–to court veterans with promises to improve» 


Brian Jean is stepping away from politics

Brian Jean, once viewed as a rising star in Alberta politics, is resigning from the provincial legislature. Jean’s political future has been murky since he lost to Jason Kenney in October in the race to lead the United Conservative Party»