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Bombardier: more loss, may seek government support

The once Canadian industrial multi-national giant Bombardier is in trouble again. After over extending itself, the Canadian rail and aircraft maker, had do divest itself of almost all its holdings, designs, and divisions to help pay off crippling debt. With »

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Canada’s Bombardier divests its commercial aerospace division

Bombardier reports US $1.6 billion loss for 2019 With a poor financial announcement today, the Canadian multinational industrial giant Bombardier also announced it is getting out of the commercial aviation business. Struggling with debt, the firm sold its turboprop Q »

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Fighter jets: Canada’s fleet to continue till the 2030’s

(Story open for public comments-scroll to very bottom to read/submit) Imagine Spitfires and Me 109’s being their countries front-line fighters for 40 or 50 years into the 1990’s. Not quite the same scenario, but Canada’s CF-18’s, some of which date »

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Canadian fighters finish Romanian mission

Not a “show of force”, a Canadian contingent of jet fighters was more a demonstration of NATO co-operation as well as being visible response to Russian aggression in Ukraine. The mission by Canadian planes and personnel, which is now ended, involved »