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COVID-19: Cash crunch for business, cities, provinces, even federal government

Across Canada the effects of the pandemic are widening. Restaurants are allowed to stay open as an essential food service but only if they provide take-away or delivery and no in-store seating, but that is not saving all of them. »


A city in shock- GM plant closes

By the time you read this, the last vehicle made by General Motors in Oshawa Ontario will have already rolled off the line, the last in over 100 years of automaking history at the plant. After a bitter year-long and »

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Disappearing cashiers: self check-out replacing people

Retail self-checkout: a trend but with backlash More and more stores are reducing cashiers and replacing them with self checkouts. But unlike ATM’s or self-serve gas stations, they are still not widely accepted by clients. However, it might be an »

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Major blow to Canada’s economy: GM automaker closing

In an announcement to be made within hours, General Motors is expected to announce the end of operations in the city of Oshawa Ontario Some 2700 unionised  and salaried jobs would be affected directly, but some 29,000 other auto industry »

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Robots and AI may take your job

New survey shows worldwide worry Think about it, when driverless vehicles come on-stream, what happens to literally millions of bus drivers, taxi drivers, and the huge variety of truck and delivery drivers. And that’s just the start. RCI: Feb 2018: »

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Think your job, your career, is secure? Think again!

“There will be huge carnage and it is going to happen quickly”. Frank Graves We’ve seen it in forestry; one machine can replace a hundred lumberjacks. We’ve seen it in construction where one worker with a nail gun can replace »

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The world’s changing job market and males left behind

Traditional male areas of employment such as manufacturing, are disappearing, and men , especially older men are being left behind as the job market, and jobs change. Gerald Swartz is a private consultant, and and instructor in business and economics »

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Angry backlash at outsourcing of jobs

Many thousands of Canadians have responded bitterly to a news story about Canadians losing their jobs to temporary foreign workers and the outsourcing of jobs offshore.  The public anger shows no signs of abating. Earlier this week employees at one »