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Three million jobs lost due to COVID-19

With several provinces invoking emergency health measures and ordering non-essential businesses to close, vast numbers of Canadians are finding themselves out of work. The Conference Board of Canada is a non-profit economic and policy think tank.  They have just released »

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Trade deal collapse would cut growth, jobs in Canada

If U.S. President Donald Trump follows up on his threats to terminate the free trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico (NAFTA), that would kill about 85,000 jobs in Canada and about half a percentage point of growth in »


An expensive bachelor’s degree is not enough: survey

A majority of Canadian post-secondary students do not think they will get a job after spending tens of thousands of dollars to get their first degree. A poll by the CIBC, a major Canadian bank, found 74 per cent of »

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‘Whitened’ résumés get more job interviews: study

Job applicants sometimes change their résumés to hide their racial identities to improve their chances of getting a job interview, according to a recent study. Of the people studied, one-third said they had used a different name or left out »

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Vacations? Canadians need to let go, but don’t

 Summer vacation..time to kick back, relax, let go…or not. Two studies show Canadians just can’t relax and a substantial number work for their boss in their own spare time. A new Randstad Canada Workmonitor survey found 50 percent say they don’t »