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New guide aims to break stereotypes in stories on mental health in Indigenous communities

Canadian reporters working on stories involving Indigenous mental health issues are getting some much-needed guidance and advice from seasoned journalists. The Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma, an educational charity promoting physical and mental wellbeing of journalists, has added» 

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Decline of journalism in Canada: Part 2 of 2

For years, decades in fact, small and medium sized newspapers have been closing their doors while radio and TV stations have been reducing their journalist staff. In some cases small papers or media outlets (ie radio) have become unprofitable and» 

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Decline of journalism in Canada: Part 1 of 2

For years, decades in fact, small and medium sized newspapers have been closing their doors while radio and TV stations have also been reducing their journalist staff. In many cases this is because the operations have been bought by bigger» 

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Whither journalism in Canada? Mergers, concentration, job losses.

It seems like every month there is a story of a newsroom being cut, or a radio station shutting down, or a media merger leading to newspaper closures and reporters being let go. In January alone over 200 media job» 

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Your hosts, Lynn, Levon, Marc Khadye Beye This week a special appearance from Khadye Beye, who is our web editor. She is putting together a website specifically geared to black history month, celebrated every February in Canada, the US, and» 

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Top Eye on the Arctic stories of 2015

With 2015 behind us, we take a look back at some of your most-read Eye on the Arctic stories of the year. This year’s crop of stories is a diverse list covering everything from indigenous rights to military and from Arctic governance to press» 

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Quebec foreign correspondent accused of “embellishing” stories

A very well-known and previously well respected Quebec-based reporter is dealing with some strong allegations against him Francois Bugingo who was born in Congo, was known as a daring foreign correspondent and as a freelancer often reported in several Quebec» 

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PEN Canada and World Press Freedom Day

This past Sunday, May 3, was marked as “World Press Freedom Day”, an occasion to highlight situations where press access to information, and limitations on writer’s ability to create freely is being limited. The organization PEN International originally stood for» 

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Special project brought together journalism students and citizen scientists

As part of a journalism course at Canada’s University of Western Ontario, journalism students teamed up with citizen scientists, not only to report on their work, but to also share the results with two media sites rabble.ca and The Tyee.» 


Women’s lot improves worldwide

From the frontlines of Afghanistan, Bosnia, Africa and Asia, Sally Armstrong has reported on some of the worst abuses against women for 25 years. Now the award-winning human rights activist and reporter has written a book showing things are improving dramatically»