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The Canadian who exposed the Holodomor

Holodomor – derivation of “moryty holodom” to kill by starvation Rhea Clyman was her name, a ground breaking woman in so many historic ways, yet few have heard of her, few remember. Self-taught and absolutely daring, this young Canadian woman »

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Protection for journalists confidential sources; at last!

Most Canadians would probably think that the widespread concept of protection for a journalist’s confidential sources exists here in Canada, as an integral part of the larger concept of “freedom of the press”. It doesn’t. For years, journalist organisations in »

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Canadian journalist briefly detained by Chinese police

A Canadian journalist working for The Globe and Mail newspaper was briefly detained by Chinese officials while reporting in the Xinjiang region in western China, the publication said Thursday. The newspaper said Nathan VanderKlippe, the Globe’s correspondent in Asia, was »

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Senator proposes law change to protect journalists

Canadian Senator Claude Carignan has introduced a private member’s bill to protect journalists and their sources.  The senator says he did it after recently learning that Montreal police got warrants to monitor the communications and the movement of journalist Patrick »


Lawyers, media outraged that police spied on journalist

Police monitored the smartphone of a Montreal journalist in what his newspaper and media lawyers call a gross attack on freedom of the press. A police special investigations unit obtained at least 24 warrants from a justice of the peace »

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Quebec foreign correspondent accused of “embellishing” stories

A very well-known and previously well respected Quebec-based reporter is dealing with some strong allegations against him Francois Bugingo who was born in Congo, was known as a daring foreign correspondent and as a freelancer often reported in several Quebec »