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Journalists highlight secrecy in Quebec government department

Several journalists’ groups have wryly bestowed an award for “Outstanding Achievement in government secrecy” to the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks in the province of Quebec. The award relates to the provincial ministry’s unwillingness to share lab data with »

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Journalists give Federal Cabinet award for silence

Four journalists’ organizations have presented the 2020 Code of Silence Award to the Federal Cabinet. The Cabinet is made up of ministers chosen by the prime minister to head each of the government departments. The stated aim of the award »

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Release of Myanmar journalists lauded by UN, human rights groups

After more than 500 days behind bars, Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were pardoned and released from prison in Myanmar on May 7, 2010. The UN human rights office praised the release but said a “very dire »

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More journalists killed in 2018

The number of journalists killed for the work they do nearly doubled this year, according the the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. At least 53 journalists were killed somewhere in the world between January 1 and December 15, 2018. »

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Canada must act to protect independent journalism, says lawyer

A Canadian lawyer is calling on the government to change Canada’s law so that a criminal act against a journalist carries a stiffer than usual penalty. Toronto lawyer David Butt says this would send a message to the world about »

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Press Freedom Day: Who is scrutinizing on your behalf?

Threats aplenty If you understand that democracy depends on a free press, then you are concerned about the many threats to journalism in areas of conflict and in the free world, too. Today is World Press Freedom Day, a day »


Journalism groups hand out secrecy award

Law is ‘in shambles,’ says CJFE Four journalists’ groups have given out the second of their secrecy “awards” to highlight what they say is a need for substantive reform to Canada’s access-to-information law. The law is designed to give the »

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Journalists rally to demand protection for press freedom

People gathered in communities across Canada on Feb. 25, 2017 asking the government to take action to protect freedom of the press. ‘Serious scandals…press freedom violations’ “The day of action was brought together in response to a really serious series »

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Surveillance chill on writers and journalists in Canada

A new survey of some 129 writers and journalists in Canada showed many were concerned about government, police, and corporate surveillance of their work and habits. Many said that changed what they wrote and how they did research, in other »


Action demanded over police spying on journalists

The Montreal Gazette is demanding to know whether police have spied on its journalists as they have on seven others. And a senator who is himself a former journalist wants to table legislation to protect journalists from such spying and »