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Junk food and kids: Canadian paediatricians want marketing bill passed

The label “junk food” may be a tad misleading. While it might bring the image of fast food to mind, the concern of paediatricians encompasses a wider range of highly processed foods often found in grocery stores as well. These» 


Pop stars’ promotion of junk food elicits calls for regulation

Not surprisingly, a recent study showed that popular music celebrities are endorsing energy-dense, nutrient-poor products—what you and I call junk food and drinks. The Canadian study published in the journal Pediatrics begins with the premise that food and beverage marketing» 

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Asking stores to remove junk food from check-out

Stores should stop placing sugary snacks and drinks beside their check-out counters, says the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit based in the U.S. which researches and promotes nutrition and good health. Consumers and their children there»