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D-Day 75: Remembrance, honour, and thanks, on the Juno Beach

Canada’s Juno Beach Centre and museum is at Courseulles-sur-mer right behind a section of the 8-kilometre stretch of beach assigned to Canadians for the invasion. This was the centre of the Allied forces with British and American armies assigned landings »

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D-Day 75: Postcards to remember the past (interview)

It is an interesting project to bring commemoration and realisation of the Normandy landings of 1944, directly to Canadian, hundreds of whom don’t know they have an interesting connection to fallen Canadian soldiers of the Second World War. The Juno »


D-Day 75” Juno Beach Centre Identity Disc campaign.

Crossing a border, or boarding a plane or any number of other situations might involve someone asking you for your “I.D.” Usually this is thought to be short for “identification”. but it’s possible that in fact it might come from »