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‘Jagged Little Pill’ heads to Broadway

As the great Broadway belter Ethel Merman told us in no uncertain terms, “There’s is no business like show business.” Really! “Ridin’ high in April, shot down in May,” sang Sinatra. So let’s hear it for Alanis Morissette. Her name» 


D-Day 75: ‘Emotional, and overwhelming’, Canadian soldiers tour Juno and Normandy battlefields (interviews)

Thousands of people are on the beaches and towns of Normandy, France, as the anniversary of Allied landings approaches. The historic event that led to the liberation of Europe from Nazi control is just a day away. Among those visitors» 

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D-Day 75: preparing for a major anniversary of war − Juno Beach Centre

We are just a couple of months away from a major event in Normandy France. June 6,1944 saw the greatest seaborne invasion in history with vast numbers of Allied troops landing on the beaches to free Europe from Nazi occupation.» 

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Jupiter and Juno: opportunity for the Manitoba Museum

“Juno, welcome to Jupiter,” said mission control commentator, Jennifer Delavan, of Lockheed Martin, the company that built Juno. Scott Young was watching that moment on NASA TV, and like many space enthusiasts around the world on Monday July 4th, he» 

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Tension mounts as Juno probe nears Jupiter

Exploring the giant gas planet-critical manoeuvring It’s an extremely ambitious project. The space probe Juno has been travelling for years outward bound from Earth, heading toward Jupiter. The only solar powered spacecraft sent to the outer reaches of the solar» 

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The “Juno Awards”- Canada’s biggest music event: Winners and..Bieber

 It was a huge week for Canadian music taking place in the western city of Calgary, Alberta, culminating in the weekend awards ceremony known as the Junos. The annual Juno awards for the best in Canadian music are named after» 

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Electro-dance artist Kiesza big winner at Canada’s Juno Music Awards

Electro-dance artist Kiesza was the weekend’s big winner at Canada’s Juno Music Awards. Kiesza won total of three JUNO Awards: Dance Recording of the Year and Video of The Year for her chart-topping hit “Hideaway”, and the JUNO Award for»