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Blackface video shot in early 1990s, Trudeau says

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says the controversial video showing him in blackface that surfaced on Thursday was shot in the early 1990s while he held a summer job as a white water rafting instructor. “It was a costume day for» 


Trudeau apologizes to Canada’s racial minorities over blackface scandal

Less than a day after Justin Trudeau had to apologize for dressing in “brownface” at a school gala in 2001, the Liberal Leader had to say sorry again Thursday after a new video surfaced showing him in blackface in the» 


Liberal election plane damaged in Victoria after media bus drives under wing

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s election plane sustained some damage in Victoria after a bus transporting journalists who cover the Liberal campaign brushed against one of its wings Wednesday night. The plane had just landed in the British Columbia capital for» 


Justin Trudeau launches the 2019 federal election campaign

With the opposition Conservatives breathing down his neck and lingering questions about his handling of a criminal case against Canadian engineering giant SNC-Lavalin, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched a federal election campaign Wednesday, asking Canadians to give his Liberal Party» 


Justin Trudeau to launch federal election on Wednesday

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to launch the 2019 federal election campaign Wednesday, CBC News reports. Citing Liberal sources, CBC News says Trudeau is expected to visit Gov.-Gen. Julie Payette at her official residence at Rideau Hall in Ottawa» 

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Slogans and voters: let the campaigns begin…

Ok, Ok, I know. You’ve heard it all before. But have you? Actually, probably. But hey, there’s a big election coming up on Oct. 21, one that will decide who governs Canada for the next four years. That means work» 


Conservative leader accuses governing Liberals of scarecrow tactics

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer slammed the governing Liberal Party of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Thursday, accusing them of dredging up divisive social issues to distract Canadians from a litany of Liberal scandals ahead of the upcoming federal election on Oct.» 

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Trudeau and Macron discuss global economy, climate change and Amazon wildfires

The slowdown in global economy, fighting climate change and raging Amazon wildfires, and preventing the crisis between Washington and Tehran turning into a full-blown war were among the host of topics Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed in a meeting with» 

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The Food Guide fight continues as the election approaches

One wonders if Tory leader Andrew Scheer may have bitten off more than he can chew with his attack on Canada’s revamped Food Guide. But of course the proof will be in the pudding, that pudding being this fall’s federal» 

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Trudeau and Scheer square off over revamped Food Guide

Wow! A real-life food fight. The combatants: the two men who will face off in a general election this fall to decide who leads the country as Canada’s next prime minister. Let’s be perfectly clear: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and»