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Northern Ontario Indigenous community set for another spring flood evacuation

Kashechewan First Nations has declared a state of emergency and is preparing to evacuate the flood-prone northern Ontario Indigenous community that is routinely threatened by spring flooding. Every spring residents of Kashechewan, a remote Cree community of about 2,000 residents »

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Doctors trying to figure out what is causing skin rashes on children in Ontario Indigenous community

Doctors are still trying to figure out what is causing an outbreak of skin lesions among children in an Indigenous community in Northern Ontario. Medical workers have gone door-to-door in Kashechewan and have identified 18 children ranging from toddlers to »

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Mysterious skin lesions on children put focus on aboriginal health

Infants and young children suffering from mysterious skin lesions and sores are the new face of the public health emergency facing Canada’s aboriginal communities. Authorities have had to hospitalize children from the Kashechewan First Nation in northern Ontario after pictures »