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Canadian tourists helping deliver medical supplies

Travel to what developed countries may describe as “exotic” locations, often means travel to less developed areas. Tim Blazanovic is the Manitoba coordinator for Not Just Tourists. he became involved after a trip to Cuba and saw the need for »

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Passing of Canadian diplomatic hero

Ken Taylor died yesterday, Thursday, at age 81 in New York Born in Calgary Alberta, in the 1980’s he was the American’s “Canadian hero”.  Until January 1980, few people outside the diplomatic world had heard of him, one of many »

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‘Our Man in Tehran’ the real Argo story of the Canadian Caper

A year after the Hollywood film “Argo” was shown at the Toronto International, a documentary that reveals the real story behind the Canadian Caper is making its debut at the Toronto festival Thursday night (September 12). Last year, Argo downplayed the »