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News of what orcas eat supports conservation efforts

Scientists have analysed whale poop and scales from the fish they have eaten to determine what orcas eat. There are two distinct orca whale populations and this study by the NOAA looked at the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales whose »

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You love whales? Read RCI’s reports on them

You love whales and plan to go whale watching this summer? Read our articles on these fascinating creatures, the dangers they’re facing and the numerous projects and studies that have been launched to protect them. Transport Canada fines ship for »

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A (fearsome) lesson in humility off Newfoundland

Funny how Mother Nature can throw us for loop, even–maybe, especially–when we think we have her figured out. The Strickland’s boat measures 5.5 metres, about the same size as an average orca. © Norman Strickland Norman Strickland of Burgeo, Newfoundland and »

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A bad year for endangered killer whales ends on a positive note

An orca calf, no more than a week old, has been spotted in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands swimming alongside its mother. Known as J-50, because it is part of the endangered J pod of southern resident killer whales, its fate is »

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Rare sight, killer whales in Hudson Bay

Churchill Manitoba is well-known as the Polar bear capital of Canada. That’s because a particular segment of the Arctic Polar bear population gathers on the western shores of Hudson Bay waiting for the freeze-up before heading out for the winter »