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Otter causing havoc in Vancouver

It otter go somewhere else A river otter in Vancouver has managed to get into the tranquil Sun Yet-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in the city, and has made headlines across the country. The problem is the otter is eating the »


‘Serial killer:’ words now used in massive police investigation

Toronto Police have laid three more charges of first-degree murder against a landscaper and are asking people who had work done by him to contact investigators. It seems police have found human remains in some large planters and are looking »

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Whales fight whales, sparing sea lion

A pod of humpback whales fought off some killer (orca) whales trying to eat a sea lion off the western coast of Canada, reports CBC. It’s not clear whether they were trying to save the sea mammal or simply defending »

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Calls to stop sales of killer’s book

Worst serial killer in Canadian history It came as a shock when it was learned that serial killer, Robert Pickton had a book published and that it was available online.   Although another name is listed as the author, it is »