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Kilts-winter-ice skating: Scottish-Canadians celebrate winter and heritage

The Great Canadian Kilt Skate 2018 There’s no doubt that Scots are a bonnie brae lot.  Add the Canadian experience and you increase that hardiness dramatically. That’s shown by the thousands who turn out across Canada for the annual “Great »

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Celebrating a Scot and being Canadian with kilts in the cold!

The Sir John A. kilt skate It takes a Canadian (with some Scots DNA usually) to don a kilt and brave the rigours of a Canadian winter, and do it on ice skates! But, on the occasion of the anniversary »

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April 6, National Tartan Day-Canadian idea catches on

The idea of a day to celebrate and promote interest in young Nova Scotians about their deep Scottish roots came from a meeting of the Federation for Scottish Clans in the maritime province in 1986. It then became an officially recognized »