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Police warn about sexual extortion

Police in the town of Kingston in Ontario say they have received five complaints about sexual extortion and they are warning people to not share intimate images online. The cases involve men who were contacted by a woman who made »

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Canada’s prison farms redux

The idea was to give prisoner’s useful work, reduce food costs for the prison system itself, and possible give them training for a career upon release. Canada has had prison farms since the 1880’s. Up until 2010, Canada had six »

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Tournament to celebrate the birthplace of hockey

This weekend Windsor Nova Scotia will hold its fourth annual Long Pond Classic hockey tournament, as the birthplace of hockey. It’s sure to elicit loud arguments, but Windsor Nova Scotia claims the title as the place where hockey was born »

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World ice-boat championships come to Ontario.

Kingston Ontario has ideal ice this year While many shun the cold of a northern winter, it does have it’s advantages. For example, there are many who enjoy the chance to practice a whole new set of sports, some of »