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Canada marks 65th anniversary of Korean War Armistice

Canada will honour the ultimate sacrifice of 516 Canadian soldiers killed on the battlefields of the Korean Was as the country marks today the 65th anniversary of the armistice that ended the fighting but is yet to result in a» 


Korean war : celebrating the 65th anniversary of a daring hockey game

Some 65 years ago, Canadians were on the front lines in the deadly Korean war. In the cold winter of 1952, Canadians had already been involved in some of the most bitter fighting of the war. Then as a morale» 


Forgotten War: Canadians arrive in Korea Dec 18, 1950

To a world still reeling from the Second World War and still very fresh in everyone’s mind, another war, a small localized one, was not something a weary public was interested in. However when Communist North Korea invaded South Korea»