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Northern lakes risk losing ice cover, affecting drinking water: study

If greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, almost 5,700 lakes in the Northern Hemisphere could permanently lose their ice cover this century, according to a study by researchers at York University. In the next decade alone, 179 of those lakes could »

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Global warming and economic effects of dwindling lake freezing

In 2015 a study of over 200 lakes around the world (containing a total of half the world’s freshwater supply) showed a clear warming trend. At the time, it was suggested that this is affecting drinking water quality, fish habitat, »

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Ontario environment report: Raw sewage, forest and wetland loss

A new report says untreated sewage is still flowing into the waterways of Canada’s second largest and most populated province. The Ontario Environmental Commissioner’s latests report indicated that raw sewage overflowed into the provinces waterways on over 1,300 occasions. 766 »


Deliberate oil spill for science

Controlled oil spill to study effects on freshwater lake ecosystems We have always recognised that oil spills cause environmental damage, but a group of scientists in northern Ontario are deliberately creating oil spills to study the effects on freshwater environments. »

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A Global water map: new resource for scientific studies

It’s hard to make something when you’re missing the proper tool. In science as well, it’s hard to make accurate judgements and models if you’re missing some information. Water is a critical component for scientists studying global climate and any »

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The lake in winter: not asleep at all.

Winter in the northern hemisphere is a time when many creatures slow down, or even hibernate. In freshwater lakes and rivers, frozen over with ice and covered with snow, it gets darker and cold. Scientists have long thought that very »

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Beating blue-green algae with iron

It’s becoming an increasingly serious issue. Often toxic, blue-green algae blooms are becoming more common in lakes around the world. A team of Canadian scientists have come up with a promising solution. Diane Orihel (PhD) is the Banting and Liber »

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New research: world’s lakes rapidly warming

A new global study shows the world’s fresh water lakes are heating up, and that lakes located further away from the equator are warming faster than others.  Sapna Sharma (PhD) is the lead author of the research. She is an »

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Ontario lakes becoming “jellied”

Decades ago sulphourus pollution from industrial smoke stacks floating in the air ended up aborbed in water molecules and falling as acidic rain.  Action was taken to greatly curb those pollutants, but now, although greatly reduced, the legacy of acid »

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Official Opposition MPs mark Earth Day with lakes and rivers protection bills

Canada’s Official Opposition NDP party marked Earth Day (April 22) with private member bills to protect a number of “heritage” lakes and rivers. The bills presented by NDP Members of Parliament in the House of Commons are part of a »