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We’re coming for you Santa Claus! North Pole in claims dispute

Well, the battle lines have now been finalized for claims to the North Pole. The Russians and the Danes have both claimed it as theirs, and now Canada has filed its claim with the United Nations Commission on Limits of »

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Huge First Nations land claim in court

A court case begins in Toronto today pitting two aboriginal groups against the federal, provincial, and several municple governments in Ontario. The Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) first filed the claim over 20 years ago. They say the various levels of »

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History: Oka crisis ends

It began with argument over land between a Mohawk reserve and the small town of Oka, about 60 kilometres north-west of Montreal. The small area of land claimed by the Mohawk reserve of Kahnestake had been in dispute for centuries. »

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Landmark legal decision for Canada’s Metis, but…

The Metis in Canada are generally considered to be a group descended from a mix of aboriginal prarie First Nation peoples and the Scottish, French, and other Caucasian fur traders of centuries past. In 1867 when Canada was formed and »

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More confusion-controversy over aboriginal land claim

It started earlier this year when the Quebec Cree aboriginal group filed a legal notice of a large new land claim. The new claim extended into neighbouring Ontario and covers 48,000 square kilometres where other aboriginal communities already had long »

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New aboriginal land claims lawsuit -contention possible between Quebec and Ontario aboriginal groups

The James Bay Cree Council in Quebec has filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario to obtain title and rights over a vast area in Ontario. The lawsuit is filed against both the provincial and federal »