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Canada History: May 4, 2012- the last penny drops

In the Canadian federal government’s March “Economic Action Plan” of 2012, a segment was devoted to the penny, the one cent coin. The particular reference said the government had decided to end the use of the penny. Originally made of »

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The Last Canadian Dambuster passes away

Fred Sutherland of Alberta, dies at age 95 Imagine what you were doing at age 20.  Now imagine you are flying in a large but cramped and cold aluminium tube at over 300km/hour a few metres off the ground where »

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WWI: Remembering the last to die

The First World War Armistice to end the horrors of four years of brutal war had been signed. At 11 am on November 11, 1918 all hostilities were to cease.   As all combattants knew the cease fire was imminent, for »