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Ontario’s strict anti-smoking laws: Over enthusiastic enforcement?

Since 2006, Ontario has been instituting increasing limitations on the sale and use of tobacco; Those laws now include no smoking in enclosed public spaces, enclosed work spaces, in vehicles with passengers under age 16, no smoking on bar and »

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Canada history: Feb 6, 2015 Supreme Court historic ruling on assisted suicide

It was, and remains, a controversial fight, and decision. In a landmark and unamimous ruling on this date, February 6, 2015, Canada’s highest court released its decision on the issue of assisted suicide. The court did not decide that assisted »

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Commercial animal transport laws: Still not humane says Animal Justice

Animal rights activists have long decried the conditions for transporting farm animals to slaughterhouses in Canada. There are long distances to travel and often harsh physical conditions of extreme cold or heat, and overcrowding. The animals are subjected to what »

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Road hockey banned in Canada? Really?

Car ! Ca-ar! That was and is the cry heard in cities and towns across much of Canada…since, well, forever it seems.  One or more of the kids playing street hockey or road hockey would spot a car coming down »

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Quebec aboriginals oppose provincial gun registry

A vast northern area of the central province of Quebec extends into Arctic-like conditions. This enormous area of over 440, 000 sq km, is called Nunavik  (Great Land) in the local Inuit language.  Of the semi-autonomous region’s 12,000 inhabitants, about »