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University creates online tool for students now at home to keep up math skills

With schools closed across the country due to the pandemic, parents are concerned about children falling behind on lessons. While schools and teachers are trying in most cases to provide online lessons, additional resources are always helpful. To that end, »


Quebec releases online learning service while schools remain closed

Quebec’s Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge announced earlier today the launch of a bilingual online learning service for parents and children to use from home while schools remain closed during the COVID-19 outbreak. The service, called Open School, or L’École »


Language-savvy parents good for children’s reading acquisition

Parents who understand language complexity offer more praise and improve their children’s reading development, according to a study from Concordia University in Montreal. Researchers studied 70 sets of six- and seven-year old children and their parents. The children were given »


Free online program will teach English, French

The Canadian government has announced a plan to create a new online program to promote the learning of English and French as a second language. The program will cost $16 million and will be designed and implemented by the public »

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New understanding of brain function and how we learn

We watch someone demonstrating an action, and then we repeat it. But in doing so we are “learning” that action. But it’s a very complex process. Recent research has uncovered a bit more of this learning process. Heather McGregor is »

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Hardwiring languages in the brain

The first language you hear as a baby, even if only for a very brief period, seems to “hardwire” your brain. New research from McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute shows that traces of early speech recognition patterns remain »


Call for return to basics in arithmetic teaching

It seems that all the “new improved” math teaching methods tried over the years, are not so improved after all Many students are entering university not even knowing where they are on a world map. Many other colleges and universities »