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To pot, or not, Senate amendments to Canada’s cannabis law

The Canadian Senate has proposed several amendments to the government’s plan to legalise recreational cannabis use this year. An amendment to entirely ban the possibility of growing marijuana at home was proposed was put forward. The Senate social affairs committee »

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Fallout from Stanley murder trial continues

(respectful public commenting is open at very bottom of page) The trial involved a second-degree murder charge against a farmer who shot and killed an intruder on his farm. Most people feel the case would not have attracted widespread attention »

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But what about if you die?

You’d think with so much money, lawyers and advisors available, a mega pop star like Prince would have had a last will and testament in place, but he didn’t.  His sudden death left assets of approximately $300 million in the »


Supreme Court rules on cell phone privacy issue

Canada’s highest court has handed down a verdict in connection with police searches of cell phones and a citizen’s right to privacy. The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) case began with two different lower court cases in Canada, but is »

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Smoked pot? What happens to travellers at the U.S. border

Canada is about to legalise marijuana for recreational use.   That means that by summer 2018, vast numbers of Canadians will openly smoke cannabis and no longer be involved in a criminal activity.   Many will cross into the U.S »

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The breakup of Canada- The legal wrangling encore

Canada, Quebec independence, and the constitution. It is a long and complicated story and process. In Quebec in 2000, the then governing  “separatist” Parti Quebecois passed Bill 99 which stated that it alone could decide whether it would leave Canada »

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Continuing bizarre: story of “Amaruk Wilderness”- religious discrimination: Update

It is truly a bizarre story, and it continues to be bizarre. This week the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal awarded a claim to a woman who had filed a complaint against a company for religious discrimination. In 2014, Bethany »

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Toronto policeman convicted of attempted murder

It has been an extremely controversial case ever since a young man was shot and killed by police around midnight on July 27, 2013. Sammy Yatim was an average 18-year-old when for no apparent reason he exposed his genitals on »


Official against drunk driving is charged himself

The president of an organization that lobbies against drunk driving has resigned after being charged with impaired driving himself. David Griffin, 65, was a volunteer president of a chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in the eastern province of »