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Legalization of marijuana in Canada: read RCI’s reports

Legalisation of marijuana in Canada : read RCI’s reports According to the federal government’s plan, by July 1st next year, marijuana will be legally available for recreational use in Canada. Even though the Liberal government was elected in 2015 on a platform that »

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Ottawa agrees to give provinces 75 per cent of pot tax revenues

The federal government and the provinces struck a deal Monday on how they plan to share tax revenues from legalized marijuana, which Ottawa hopes to price at about $10 a gram to shut down the black market. The agreement gives »

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Nearly half of Canadians want Ottawa to delay July 1 pot legalization deadline

While two-thirds of Canadians support Ottawa’s plans to legalize marijuana, close to half say the federal government should push back the July 1, 2018 deadline for legalization, according to a new poll by the Angus Reid Institute. Support for delaying »