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Over half of Canadians letting up on COVID safety measures: poll

Despite recent stepped-up warnings from the prime minister and the country’s chief medical officer about not letting up in the fight to contain COVID-19, a new public opinion poll suggests that almost a quarter of Canadians believe warnings from public »

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New poll suggests half of Canadians against removing statues of former leaders

How do Canadians feel about removing statues of politicians–some of them iconic–who espoused racist views or who supported racist policies? A new survey by Leger and the Association For Canadian Studies has provided some perspective and some answers. It found »

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O’Toole says Tories will be ready if Trudeau forces a fall vote

New Conservative leader Erin O’Toole met the press for the first time today as leader of the Official Opposition, telling reporters he wants to co-operate with the Liberals to ensure effective leadership during the pandemic, but he also wants Prime Minister »

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As return to school looms, parents ponder their choices

As Canada continues to look for ways to return to something at least resembling normal, a new public opinion poll suggests that just under a quarter of Canadians are unsure if they will send their children back to school when–and »

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Canadians in no rush to ease social distancing rules: poll

At the best of times, Canadians tend to try to keep their distance from one another (except, of course, when hockey is involved), so a poll released Tuesday–at the worst of times–could well be taken as a case of business »