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Unions urge Parliamentarian to pass anti-scab law

An opposition member of Canada’s Parliament has tabled a piece of legislation that would stop employers in federally regulated sectors from hiring non-union workers called scabs during legal strikes or lockouts.  In Canada, some sectors such as transportation, banks and »

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Canada joins 26 nations to condemn China’s abuses in Hong Kong and Xinjiang

Canada joined 26 countries at the UN’s Human Rights Council on Tuesday to express “deep and growing concerns” regarding China’s treatment of the Uighur and other Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang and Beijing’s national security law targeting dissent in Hong »

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Opposition parties thwart Liberals’ emergency COVID-19 aid legislation

Canada’s minority Liberal government suffered a legislative setback Wednesday as opposition parties refused to give unanimous consent to speedily pass the latest emergency legislation proposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The emergency sitting of the House of Commons came to »

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Canada, U.S., U.K. and Australia slam China over Hong Kong security law

Canada joined the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia on Thursday in condemning Chinese national security legislation for Hong Kong that democracy activists in the city and Western countries fear could erode its freedoms and jeopardise its role as »

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Alberta proposes harder line on trespassers

In rural areas throughout Canada, farmers feel they’re being targeted by both thieves and animal rights activists. There have been many incidents of animal rights activists breaking into farms across the country. Because of the usually remote location, police are »

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UN human rights observers warn Quebec about secularism bill

The Quebec government’s proposed secularism legislation is raising concerns about fundamental freedoms in Canada’s French-speaking province, according to legal experts with the United Nations Human Rights Council. The proposed legislation, known as Bill 21, is “likely to undermine the freedom »


Inuit, First Nations, Métis welcome Canadian gov’s Indigenous child protection legislation

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North Canada’s Inuit, First Nations and Métis organizations say they welcome the Indigenous child protection legislation introduced by the federal government in the House of Commons on Thursday. “With »


Law would ban cell phone use while crossing roads

Distracted pedestrians are more likely to be hit when crossing the street so a member of the provincial government of Ontario is proposing a law to improve safety. The Phones Down, Heads Up Act was tabled today in the legislature »


Proposed security law gets mixed review

The Canadian government has proposed new legislation to replace a controversial anti-terrorism law which has increased the powers of security agencies and raised concerns about charter rights. Observers see good and bad in it. ‘A really good thing’ “The really »

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Medical journal says pot law will harm youth

“The bill as it is written should not pass,” says Dr. Diane Kelsall, editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. She has authored an editorial expressing her concern that the proposed new law would “increase harm to young people.” The »