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Bank of Canada: Negative interest rate, ‘in the toolkit’

Around the world economies are suffering from the effects of the pandemic and central banks have lowered interest rates as one measure to mitigate the effects. Here in Canada, several reports have indicated that an economic recovery which seemed to »

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Bank rate Canada: steady as she goes

Saying its October predictions for global economic growth held, and that the global economy seems to be stabilizing, Canada’s central bank continued to buck the international and did not change its rate this week. The bank announced yesterday that the »

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Bank of Canada holds its lending rate steady

Unlike other countries like the U.S. which has cut lending rates, Canada’s central bank today announced it would hold steady and maintain its lending rate at 1.75% in spite of a worldwide weakening of global economy.  Indeed, since the last »

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Interest rates: Canadians living too close to the edge

A million Canadians are living on borrowed time, and borrowed money. A new survey shows a mere 0.25 percent increase in lending rates would push some 700,000 Canadians into a financial squeeze. Increase the lending rate by one full point, »