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Analysis of Supreme Court decision against a Christian university

Civil rights lawyer “it’s an anti-diversity decision” A private evangelical university wanted to open a law school.  Trinity Western University (TWU) in British Columbia however has a covenant on behaviour  which includes such things as no cheating, no alcohol on campus, »


Supreme Court rules against Christian university law school

Religious freedom vs civil rights Trinity Western University (TWU) is an independent evangelical Christian university in British Columbia. As a requirement for students, they must agree not to engage in sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage. The “Community Covenant” is »

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Ignoring Indigenous women’s traditional knowledge hurts Arctic science, G7 summit hears

Each week, Eye on the Arctic brings you news and views from around the North Indigenous women’s traditional knowledge is too often excluded from scientific research in the North, something that could have serious implications for fully understanding how climate »


Imposing ethics? – Ottawa’s new funding rules for summer jobs

Anti-abortion, pro-life sentiments not permitted. **(public comments open to post or read at very bottom of page)** Around this time of year a number of charitable groups and organisations start thinking about adding staff for employment for the busy summer »

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Controversy over transgender president of Quebec women’s groups

Feminists challenge leadership of trans-woman The Federation des Femmes du Quebec (Quebec Women’s Federation) was founded in 1966 through the initiative of a Canadian icon in the women’s movement which brought together several smaller groups into a unified group. Therese »


University freedom of speech: complaint was fake – controversy continues

A somewhat shocking finding has been uncovered in an issue which made major domestic and even international headlines. The incident  involved university attitudes toward freedom of speech, academic freedom, and transgender concerns. An independent inquiry into the incident at Ontario’s »

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Apology and money to Canada’s LGBT community today

Canada’s federal Liberal government is set to announce a formal apology to Canada’s LGBT community today. The apology is in relation to legal and other actions taken against large numbers of public servants and military members in the years after »

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Embarrassed, Canadian university apology comes after public exposure

(to post or read comments, scroll to very bottom of story) Ontario university widely condemned by national and international media Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, (WLU) has apologized to a teaching assistant over their handling of a complaint against »

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Canada to soon allow transgender passports

Instead of M or F for sex designation an X option will be allowed Starting this week, Canadians who identify as neither male nor female will be able to ask for an X in the sex identification category on Canadian »

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Gay pride parades and police: the controversy continues

The issue began last year when the protest group Black Lives Matter-deliberately interrupted and stalled the huge Toronto Pride Parade. They insisted holding up the parade and not moving until the parade organisers agreed to their demands, one of which is that »