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Trudeau promises to protect 25% of Canada’s land and waters by 2025

A re-elected Liberal government would protect from development and industrial activity a quarter of Canada’s land and oceans by 2025, Justin Trudeau announced Thursday as he unveiled the Liberal Party’s nature conservation pledges. An avid outdoorsman himself, the Liberal leader »


Liberal election plane damaged in Victoria after media bus drives under wing

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s election plane sustained some damage in Victoria after a bus transporting journalists who cover the Liberal campaign brushed against one of its wings Wednesday night. The plane had just landed in the British Columbia capital for »


Nomination battle for Liberal stronghold in Montreal draws first blood

The federal Liberal party has blocked the candidacy of a well-known Montreal municipal politician in a heated nomination battle to represent the Liberal stronghold of Saint-Laurent in the upcoming federal by-election on April 3. Alan DeSousa, mayor of the borough »


Looking back at one year of Liberal Arctic policy

The development of a clear Arctic policy direction by the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in its first year in power was hobbled by the loss of a key cabinet member, says one of the most prominent Canadian »


Justin Trudeau faces delicate balancing act in naming cabinet

Prime minister designate Justin Trudeau speaks to suppoters at a welcome rally in Ottawa, Tuesday, Oct.20, 2015. © PC/Adrian Wyld Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau is facing a daunting task as he puts the finishing touches on his soon to be unveiled »

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Tallying the cost of election promises

While most Canadian general election campaigns last about 5 week, the 2015 campaign lasted 11 weeks.  It was the second longest general election campaign in Canadian history, and the longest since 1872. In that time the three main parties played »


Premier designate Philippe Couillard: ‘We are all Quebecers’

“The time of inflicting wounds is over…reconciliation begins,” said Philippe Couillard, the premier designate of Canada’s predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec when he met journalists the day after his party’s victory on election day, Monday (April 7). Couillard’s Liberals took »


Politics Today – March 2, 2014

On this edition of Politics Today RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda has an update on last weekend’s policy convention of the Liberal Party of Canada. He deals with the continuing controversy over the Canadian government’s new proposed reform of the Elections Act, »


Canada’s ruling Conservatives plan to disrupt Liberal opposition convention, leader

Canada’s ruling Conservative party plans to disrupt an upcoming Liberal opposition convention and discredit its leader Justin Trudeau, according to an article by Toronto Star newspaper journalists Bruce Campion-Smith and Susan Delacourt based on a document obtained by the newspaper. »


Politics Today – April 21, 2013

On this edition of Politics Today RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda focused on Canada’s focuses on the return of parliamentarians to the House of Commons, and looks at the impact on the future, of last weekend’s policy convention of the New Democratic Party (NDP) »