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Tulip events to mark 75th anniversary of Canada’s liberation of Holland

Every year the Netherlands sends thousands of tulips to Canada in appreciation of Canada’s liberation of the country in World War II and for providing a safe haven for the Dutch royal family which lived in Canada during the war.» 

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VE Day May 7th, 1945 (May 8, May 9)

Two days after Canada had accepted the unconditional surrender of all German forces in northwest Europe, Germany itself capitulated. This year marks the 70th anniversary, and for many Canadian veterans, now in their late 80’s to mid 90’s currently on» 

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May 5-Holland remembers: Canada and their liberation

Today, May 5th, marks the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. Canadian veteran today from the CBC live feed at the liberation of Holland ceremonies about a restored WWII vehicle from Keep them Rolling © CBC BGen E. Beno (ret’d)»