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Garbage litters the seabed of the Bay of Fundy

A new study of the floor of the Bay of Fundy shows a surprisingly large amount of trash and lost fishing gear. The study is the first attempt to quantify debris on the seafloor in the region. The researchers, using» 

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Huge Raptors victory parade- huge garbage mess

The idea of idea of reduce, re-use, recycle, or even just “don’t litter” all seem lost on the huge crowds that came out to cheer the NBA champion Toronto Raptors. The surprisingly huge crowd,  possibly around two million people, crammed» 

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Biodegradable plastic is no solution: UN report

Switching to plastic that is biodegradable will not solve the massive problem of plastic in the world’s oceans and the damage it does to marine creatures and the environment, says a new report from the United Nations. The UN Environment»