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Lobster fishery rules changed to protect right whales

Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans has announced new measures for lobster fishing in hopes of protected the endangered North Atlantic right whales. Eighteen of them died off the coast of Canada and the U.S. last year, most often because» 


Fishing boats leave for the start of lobster season

It was still dark when hundreds of fishing boats left ports in the eastern province of Nova Scotia to kick off one of the most profitable fisheries in Canada. Some fishermen set off fireworks to celebrate what is known as» 

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Nova Scotia lobster dispute escalates

A simmering dispute over lobster fishing appears to have escalated into violent acts. The dispute pits non-native fishermen against aboriginals in the southwestern part of the maritime province of Nova Scotia. The season is closed for the summer which gives» 

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Lobster protest over alleged abuse of native fishing rights

“At $4-$5 a pound for illegal lobster, it’s easy money for poachers” (J Smith fisherman) Commercial lobster fishermen in southwestern Nova Scotia are angry. They’ve been staging protests outside of federal fisheries offices in the region over what they claim» 

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Airport expands to handle lobster export boom

Halifax Stanfield International Airport in eastern Canada has expanded to accommodate an increase in the export of lobster, reports Canadian Press. It’s expected $15 million worth of lobster will be shipped by the end of December to as far away» 

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A Christmas tree of joy, but tinged with sadness

“Tree” honours fishermen lost at sea. Christmas is usually considered to be a time of joy, and the traditional Christmas tree, a lovely symbol of that joy. In the lobster fishing communities on Canada’s east coast a tradition has begun» 

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Race for the lobster

It’s lobster season once again off Canada’s east coast province of Nova Scotia. Delayed yesterday by bad weather hundreds of boats loaded with traps sped off just before dawn at 6:00 AM. The race was to get to the best» 


Fading art: Conversation with wood boat builder Louis Duguay

It’s a lifestyle, it’s a local culture, and many would argue that is indeed an art. Louis Duguay, now aged 70, has been building east coast commercial fishing boats for over 40 years along the north coast of New Brunswick» 


Less U.S. lobster processed in Canada

Canadian processing companies saw a drop in the amount of lobster shipped from the U.S. in 2015, reports Associated Press (AP). In 2014, the U.S. shipped about 31 million kilograms to Canada’s eastern provinces, compared to less than 30 million»