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It’s time for conversation on harmonizing long-term care, says Trudeau

The federal government is ready to work with the provinces and territories to develop national standards on long-term care, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday. Under the Canadian constitution, health care is a provincial jurisdiction and the federal government plays »

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Ontario launches inquiry into COVID-19 spread in long-term care homes

Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced on Wednesday the launch of a commission of inquiry into how COVID-19 was able to spread through the province’s long-term care homes leading to more than 1,800 deaths during the pandemic. Ford said the commission »

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Soldiers may be called to testify in lawsuits against long-term care homes

When coronavirus cases began to mount across the country in mid-March, long-term care facilities for the elderly and those needing constant care were particularly hard hit. Most of these facilities are privately run by for-profit companies. Many of the elderly »

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Ontario to take control of five long term care homes

The sad and tragic state of some of Canada’s long term care homes, long warned about, has finally come to light. When the military was called in to help out with severe staff shortages caused by the coronavirus in several »

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Inquiries launched into high coronavirus death rate in long-term care homes

In both Ontario and Quebec, long-term care homes, for the elderly and others need constant attention, have by far been the centres of the highest rates of death from the disease. When staff left or themselves became infected, the military »

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COVID-19 deaths: Calls for government to take control of long term care homes

The latest figures show there have been just under 6,500 deaths in Canada attributed to the SARS-CoV2 virus. The vast majority of them however have been primarily among the elderly and others needing constant attention in long term care homes »

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Ontario orders independent commission into long-term care

Ontario is launching an independent commission into its “broken” long-term care system after more than 1,400 COVID-19-linked deaths in the province’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Long-Term Care Minister Merrilee Fullerton said in a statement released Tuesday that the »

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5 Canadian soldiers deployed in nursing homes test positive for COVID-19

Five Canadian soldiers deployed to hard hit long-term care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic have tested positive for the illness, the Canadian Armed Forces said Friday. Four of the cases are in Quebec, the hardest hit Canadian province, and one »

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COVID-19: City of Ottawa bans outdoor visits to its long-term care residents

The emergency health rules requiring social distancing have been particularly hard on elderly residents of long-term care and retirement homes. Prevented from having visits from family, many are also not entirely at ease or familiar with ‘electronic’ visits such as »

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More seniors, greater needs, warn care establishments

Nine out of 10 long-term care residents in Canada’s largest province have some form of cognitive impairment, reports the Ontario Long Term Care Association. Ontario is home to many of the very large group of Canadians born after the Second »