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Crisis for migratory birds-Americas, Europe

The situation is shocking to say the least. Many species of migratory birds we think are quite common, are actually threatened with extinction. A new report was released this month showing that in North America alone, some 37 per cent »

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Lose fat, gain muscle in 28 days, extremely intense but possible

If you want to lose weight very quickly, and gain muscle..good news it can be done.  A new study proves it. The bad news is, it’s really really hard, and requires extreme discipline, Stuart M. Phillips (Ph.D., FACSM, FACN) led »

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Study: Health, beauty, and facial cues

Ah, you look like you lost weight (loss=roughly 3-4kg);   Ah, you’re looking more attractive (loss-roughly 6-8kg) Humans can detect even minute details in other humans. This can be at both a conscious and sub-conscious level.  Those details are cues for »