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Stamp honours Louis Riel and his fellow Métis resisters

A new stamp honouring Louis Riel and the resistance he led 150 years ago to protect Métis people was issued Wednesday in Manitoba. The Red River Resistance of 1869-70, also known as the Red River Rebellion, led to the creation »

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Canada commemorates hanged Métis hero’s legacy

Canada is marking the 132nd anniversary of the execution of Louis Riel, a visionary Métis leader and a rebel, whose fight to protect the rights of the Métis nation led to the creation of the Province of Manitoba, but also »

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RCMP hands over long-held Louis Riel artifacts to Métis

As Canada carries on with its self-proclaimed determination to rectify past wrongs suffered by the country’s Indigenous people, those efforts are coming in all sizes. Last week at the United Nations, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid out far-reaching plans, including »

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Rebel Métis leader accused of treason, celebrated with holiday in province of Manitoba

The Canadian prairie province of Manitoba is celebrating the memory of controversial Métis rebel leader Louis Riel on Monday (February 16). The annual Louis Riel Day is held the third Monday in February, and was first celebrated in 2008. Born »