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Canada recovers ‘World’s Biggest Moose’ title

“The World’s Biggest Moose” competition if finally coming to an end after four years of dispute between a Canadian and a Norwegian town. Mac the Moose from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, is getting a new rack this week, making it a »

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Howard the gnome, a Canadan icon, is moving on

It’s been a good March for Canadian roadside icons. At the start of the the month at the now (somewhat) famous Moose Summit in Saskatchewan, negotiators from Norway and Canada agreed to call off their dispute over which country has »

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Mac the Moose will be reclaiming his title

It’s probably fitting that the dispute ended with the two opponents taking a shared selfie. The mayor of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and deputy mayor of Stor-Elvdal, Norway found a way to make peace. At a “Moose Summit” last weekend on »