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Quebec vandals strike again

The now over a century old Montreal statues to a couple of famous historical figures have to be among of the cleanest around. That’s because they have been a regular target of socialist, leftist vandals who spray paint on them» 

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Canada rental housing crisis for low and medium income earners

A new survey on how much a person has to earn to afford rent in Canada shows a near crisis. The survey says rental costs for a 2-bedroom apartment in almost all major cities in Canada are beyond was it» 

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Revisiting the controversy of Sir John A. Macdonald

For most of Canada’s history, Sir John A Macdonald has been revered as the father of Confederation, the man who in large part created the country out of disparate British colonies. In recent years, his reputation has come under fire» 

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More on the Macdonald controversy in Canada

In recent years there has been much media attention to groups seeking to change the historic narrative of the founder of Canada, Sir John A Macdonald. Because of his involvement in creating the residential school system there have been calls» 

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Montreal vandals attack Queen Victoria statues

After vandalism against a Montreal statue dedicated to Sir John A Macdonald last year, more historic statues in the city were vandalised last night, by the same or similar individuals. Last night, two Montreal statues representing Queen Victoria were sprayed» 

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Canadians: clichés and historical knowledge

A number of surveys of Canadians in recent months has some surprising and not so surprising results. It seems some Canadian clichés are valid but on the other hand, yet again that Canadians generally have a slim grasp of their own» 


Politicians: least trusted profession

A national survey taken last month discovered that most Canadians just don’t trust their politicians….and don’t trust them… a lot! At least one ethicist is calling it an “ethical crisis” in Canadian politics. Chris MacDonald is an associate professor at»