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Mammoth tusks returned to Canada

Two mammoth tusks have been sent to the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa after they were seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States. The curved tusks are about 1.5 metres long and in good to »

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The detailed genetic history of elephants

Mammoths, mastodons, straight-tusked elephants, and living species; an international team of scientists have established the most complete genomic history of elephants. They’re produced complete genomes of 14 species, from long extinct, to living elephant species. Evolutionary geneticist Hendrik Poinar (PhD) »

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De-extinction; new book examines the multitude of issues

(skype interview below : Comments open to post and read at very bottom) The creatures may have gone extinct anywhere thousands of years ago, like the wooly mammoth, or maybe only a hundred years ago like the passenger pigeon, but »

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For once, humans didn’t do it!

Humans wiped out the dodo, and surprisingly the billions of passenger pigeons, Tasmanian tiger (dog-like marsupial), Great Auk, and several other species.  New evidence however shows humans did not hunt the American mastodon to extinction.  In fact, although there are »