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Canada April factory sales plummet record 28.5% but May data should improve

Canadian manufacturing sales plummeted by a record 28.5 per cent to $36.4 billion in April, following a 9.8-per-cent decline in March, as the COVID-19 pandemic ground much of Canada’s economy to a halt, the country’s national statistics agency reported Monday. »

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Bombardier announces 2,500 layoffs in response to COVID-19 pandemic

Bombardier Aviation announced that they are going to lay off about 2,500 workers due to the challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a press release from the company on Friday.  The company said that the business jet sales are »

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Why so few products are made in Canada

The manufacturing decline in Canada is ‘very distressing,’ says Warren Everson of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce which represents businesses. Even though the Canadian dollar is down making exports cheaper, and petroleum costs are down making it cheaper to ship »

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Canada’s manufacturing sales fall, again

Manufacturing sales in Canada declined 1.4% in November, the third decrease in four months according to the government statistics gathering agency, Statistics Canada in a report released Tuesday (January 20). Sales declined in 16 of 21 industries, representing more than 80% »

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Finance minister highlights tax break for Canadian manufacturers

Canada’s Finance Minister Jim Flaherty promoted the federal government’s aid to Canadian manufacturers in a public appearance in the city of Brampton, in the province of Ontario, Wednesday (September 18). He highlighted the $1.4 billion in tax relief for Canadian »


Retail, health and social assistance, top two sectors in Canadian labour force

Retail and health and social assistance workers account for 22.9% of the Canadian workforce, according to the latest data from the government agency, Statistics Canada, released Wednesday, June 26. The retail trade sector had the largest employment share with 11.5% »