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Sweet! A record year for maple syrup!

Those with a sweet tooth love maple syrup, a delicious product that nature has provided. Coming exclusively from ‘sugar’ maple trees, it was a discovery learned from indigenous tribes in northeastern north America who for centuries had been collecting the »

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Canadian chemists develop artificial ‘tongue’ of gold to taste maple syrup

Researchers at Université de Montréal have developed a new test using gold nanoparticles to quickly determine the flavour of maple syrup and help producers evaluate the quality of this iconic Canadian product often referred to as Quebec’s liquid gold. While »

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Atikamekw maple syrup: an ancestral tradition passed on with passion

When Jean-Paul Echaquan talks about his grandfather who left Manawan every spring to go to the forest to collect maple sap, time stops. Suddenly, we see ourselves half a century earlier following the old Atikamekw in all the stages of »


Funding will boost maple syrup exports

The Canadian government will provide over $2.2 million to help maple syrup producers in the province of Quebec expand and diversify their exports. Target markets include the U.S., U.K, Germany, Japan and China. Canada supplies about 78 per cent of »

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Levels are down on Canada’s sweet gift to the world

Maple syrup production down 22% Canada is by far the world’s biggest supplier of maple syrup, the all-natural sweet treat made from the sap of certain maple trees. The province of Quebec alone is the largest producer supplying about 72 »


Maple syrup harvest is down due to poor weather

Maple syrup producers in the province of Quebec say they have had a poor season and will have to tap into reserves to keep prices down and avoid shortages. Quebec produces about 72 per cent of the world’s maple syrup, »

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Maple syrup extract could cut antibiotic use: study

It makes a great sweetener for your pancakes and springtime visits to the maple sugar shacks have been a rite of passage for generations of children and immigrants in eastern Canada. However, according to a new study, Canada’s sweetest export »

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A sticky battle over sweet maple syrup in Quebec

Once again it seems like it’s a battle of a few “Davids” against a “Goliath”. In this case, a number of maple syrup producers against the provincial marketing board. Canada is the world’s leading producer of the delicious all-natural sweetener, »

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Maple syrup production: a poor season coming?

Canada, the world’s major producer of sweet maple syrup is facing a potential problem this year. Ontario, Quebec and to a lesser extent New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI, as well as the northeastern US states, are dealing with an »

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Protecting Canadian maple syrup

New rules on labelling coming Canadian whisky has been an international hit, and Canadian wines are winning world awards, but the sweetest thing to come from Canada is maple syrup.  Not only sweet, but completely natural, and even a very »