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New airline travel regulations…renewed disagreements

New Canadian Transportation Agency rules governing the rights of passengers went took effect Monday. And guess what. A whole bunch of people–from the airline industry to passenger and consumer advocates–say they are less than estatic. The Air Passenger Protection Regulations» 

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Advocates sue Ottawa over airport tarmac wait times

Think being stuck in a plane on an airport tarmac is not a lot of fun? Consider what it is might be like for disabled people. And guess what? The federal government overhauled the rules of air travel this spring,» 

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Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques returns to Earth

It seems all so normal these many years later. Back in the summer of 1969, it was anything but. Space travel drew a lot of headlines back then. Now, not so much. You might have missed it, but the 50th» 

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Boeing jet ban affecting Canadians but not drastically

Since most airlines “fly full,” these days, Transport Minister Marc Garneau’s announcement Wednesday that Canada was joining countries around the world in grounding Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft for safety reasons is throwing many Canadians’ travel schedules into limbo and» 

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Canada grounds Boeing 737 Max 8 jets

Joining countries around the world, Canada is grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 jets immediately. Roughly three-quarters of the 737 Max 8 planes world-wide have now been pulled from use since the Ethiopian Airlines crash last Sunday that killed all» 


Canada introduces new drone regulations

The federal government has adopted tough new regulations for the use of drones in Canadian airspace, banning drone flights near airports and emergency scenes, as well as operating them while drunk or high on drugs. The new regulations, which come» 

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Canada to force airlines to compensate passengers for delays, overbooking

Canadian passengers who face flight delays or are bumped from their seat due to overbooking will be eligible for compensation under the federal government’s new proposed regulations for air travel. Transport Minister Marc Garneau unveiled the first draft of the» 


A new poll gives Freeland and Garneau top marks

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Transport Minister Marc Garneau might have more of a reason to feel festive than some of their cabinet colleagues as Parliament Hill prepares for the winter break, according to a new poll. Nearly half» 

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Ottawa grapples with Greyhound’s departure in the West

The federal government is moving to help fill the gap left by the end of Greyhound bus service in Western Canada. As we reported yesterday, Greyhound’s departure could have a profound effect on life in Western Canada. Greyhound had 360» 

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Drone strikes commercial plane, a first in Canada

A collision between a drone and a commercial aircraft approaching Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International Airport last week has drawn the wrath of Canada’s usually placid federal transport minister, Marc Garneau. “This should not have happened, that drone should not»