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Marine mammals may be at risk of COVID from humans; study

While there have been indications that this pandemic spread from animals to humans, a new study shows humans could spread it to marine mammals. Dalhousie University in Halifax looked at the process by which the virus invades human cells by »

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DFO launches largest marine mammal survey ever in Canada’s Pacific waters

The federal government has launched the largest marine survey in Canadian Pacific waters to better understand what is happening with key mammal species such as endangered whales and to collect new information that will help better identify critical habitat for »

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The secrets of the seas revealed by their inhabitants

What if marine animals could talk?  Tell us where they have been, how they interact with one another, how their habitat is changing… Well, they can. In a paper just published in the journal Science, researchers affiliated with the Nova »

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Ghost gear and World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day  As part of a number of campaigns by various environmental groups globally, World Animal Protection (WAP) has launched its own campaign against ghost fishing gear. Josey Kitson is the executive director of World Animal Protection-Canada. »