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Google streetview: Now you can visit Mars (on Earth)

Google has taken its “streetview” cameras to the high Arctic before, but now they’ve gone to another very special place..Mars.  Well, almost. Devon Island is the site of a Mars mission training ground The remote and desolate Devon Island is »

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Canadian university working with NASA towards Mars mission

NASA wants to send astronauts to Mars by about 2030. It is in the process of working out all the possible scenarios for such a mission by testing and analysing scenarios here on Earth that resemble as closely as possible »

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New theory about Martian moons

The Martian moons are two pock-marked, cratered and slightly odd-shaped structures. It was long thought they were asteroids that long ago became captive of Martian gravity and pulled into orbit around the red planet. A new theory however suggests differently, »


NASA mission will study the heart of Mars

There have been several spacecraft sent to study Mars but NASA is hoping to launch the first to look at the planet’s interior on May 5, 2018. InSight, as it is called, will take six months to reach Mars and »

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Travel to Mars! Worms leading the way

The effort is on to sending humans to Mars. In fact, NASA is aiming for a Mars mission perhaps by 2030, and there are other efforts as well. It will come as a surprise to most, but the humble earthworm, »

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Evidence of water on the “red planet”

In 2012 a major and highly technical machine landed 250 million kilometres away from Earth, on the surface of Mars. The Mars “Curiousity” rover landing was a success and the equipment began transmitting data back to Earth. Its main mission »

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Canadian student still in the running for Mars Colony

It’s a one way trip, to an unknown and very uncertain future on Mars. Still, when it was announced, some 200.000 people in over 140 countries put their names forward. A Dutch-based non-profit company is behind the Mars One project »

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Too cold in Canada? Try balmy Mars.

Much of Canada suffered under an Arctic blast this week, with temperatures on the prairies dipping to near -30C with wind chills in the -40 range, and elsewhere towards easterns Canada temperatures and wind chills were not much warmer. The »

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How a study of Mars weather can help forecasting on Earth

There is weather, there is climate, and now there is macroweather. All three are being studied on Mars. The idea is to help understand weather dynamics on Earth. Shaun Lovejoy PhD is a professor of Physics at McGill University in »

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Mission on Mars (simulation) ends

It’s called “Hi-SEAS” but it’s all about space, in fact, a mission to Mars. the crew of six must eat, sleep, and work within the confined space of the small dome for 4 months. Lockwood says it could be “challenging” »