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Do media need to scale down coverage of mass murders?

Whenever a tragedy of such horrific proportions occurs as the recent New Zealand killings, the media flock to the site and begin massive coverage. The New Zealand murders is no exception except the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, says she won’t »

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Canada History: June 23 1985: Air India and Canada’s deadliest terrorist attack

It was 1985 and the beginning of summer in Canada, a time to think of vacations and travel. Hundreds of friends and family, many of Indian decent, had gathered at airports in Canada to wish others a fond farewell as »


History- Sept 9, 1949 Canada; the deadliest airline sabotage

In 1949, airline travel was still an exciting and relatively rare experience for the population in general. Love-triangles however, have been known throughout history. On this day in 1949, those two things would collide with tragic results to make Canada »