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What are the chances? Canadian math teacher rolls dice, wins big U.S prize.

It is an innovative way of teaching ‘probability’ to young math students. So innovative that teacher Nat Banting in Saskatoon became the first Canadian to win the $25,000  Rosenthal Prize for Innovation and Inspiration in Math Teaching, from the National »

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Canada’s long summer school break and literacy concerns for children

In Canada, school children have long breaks of a little over two months. During this time, some studies have shown that  a percentage of children tend to lose some of the literacy and math skills acquired during the previous school »


New Ontario teachers must pass math test

Teachers in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province will soon face new requirments. Legislation was introduced yesterday (Thursday) which is called the  ”Safe and Supportive Classrooms Act”, primarily because it would require the revocation of the licence for any teacher found »

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Gender gap in STEMM will persist without intervention: study

More women are studying and working in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and medicine (STEMM) but they are not closing the gender gap when it comes to publishing, according to a new study.  Researchers analysed 10 million academic »

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Canadian students rank fourth in science

International tests rank Canadian 15-year-olds among the top performers in science and they were also strong in math and reading. The International Student Assessment (PISA) is run every three years by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in 72 »


Ontario schoolchildren: literacy improving, math declining.

A new survey in Canada’s most populous province shows literacy skills, reading, writing, and comprehension, among children in Canadian schools are improving. However, elementary school results show almost half of students in Grade 6 (aged 11-12) failed to achieve the »