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Economy, Society

McGill University offers free online financial literacy course ‘for everybody’

(NOTE: for more information on this course, contact McGill University directly) With the Christmas shopping season entering the final stretch, Canada’s leading university in partnership with the country’s largest bank and one of the most influential newspapers are offering a» 


Anti-fat attitudes surge after celebrity fat-shaming: study

It is common for celebrities to be criticized about their weight and psychologists have found that when that happens, women’s negative attitudes about fat increase. Psychologists at McGill University looked at 20 instances of celebrity fat-shaming and women’s attitudes before» 

Indigenous, Society

McGill drops sports name seen as insulting to Indigenous peoples

McGill University has announced the name Redmen will no longer be used by its sports teams. The name was adopted in the 1920s and at the time it did not refer to Indigenous people but rather to the teams’ red» 


McCall MacBain family donates $200M to McGill University

Canadian billionaire philanthropists John and Marcy McCall MacBain announced a $200-million donation to a scholarship fund for McGill University students in Montreal Wednesday, marking the single-largest gift in Canadian history. The McCall MacBain Scholarships will provide 75 outstanding students from Canada and around» 

International, Society

Three Canadian schools make top 100 in global universities rankings

U.S. News and World Report has released its annual rankings of world universities and Canada has 34 schools on the list. Three made the top 100: The University of Toronto ranked 20th (the same ranking as last year), the University» 

Health, International, Internet, Science and Technology, Society

Canadian study finds many men–not just their wives–face the ill effects of the ‘baby blues’

The birth of a child. It’s the stuff of films and sketches, the stuff of laughs and tears of joy. Bill it under the heading, “Blessed Event.” Fathers meet at a so-called Boot Camp for New Dads in Saskatoon in» 

Environment, Health

Mussels may have a connection to better medicine

Mussels have the ability to stick themselves to rocks, wooden pilons, steel ships, anything wet.  Whereas most glues are useless in water, nature has allowed mussels to hold fast against  even raging storm currents and waves. This “superglue” is now» 


True fame comes and doesn’t go after fifteen minutes, study

People who achieve real celebrity don’t fade away after their “fifteen minutes of fame” are over, a new study shows. Even if they are not as famous as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, their names will keep turning» 

Environment, Internet, Science and Technology, Society

Sustainability at McGill University starts from the ground up

McGill University’s efforts to implement sustainability programs on campus have been decades in the making and are gaining impetus. “There have been dozens of individuals who have been taking the cause forward, as well as high level commitments”, says Lilith»