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A third person linked to Alberta Cargill plant is dead

There are renewed calls for Cargill to close its meat-processing plant in High River, Alberta, following the death this weekend of a third person linked to the facility. The Alberta government announced Monday that the man who died was in »

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COVID-19: Possible meat shortages to come?

With so many restaurants closed due to emergency health orders in Canada the demand for milk and milk products has dropped dramatically. That in turn has resulted in dairy farmers in Canada having to dump millions of litres of milk. »

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Red meat findings: don’t lose faith in science

After years of being warned to limit consumption of red and processed meats, people were confounded by a new study that says there is no evidence that eating reasonable amounts is harmful. Researchers looked at the many existing studies on »

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China suspends all meat imports from Canada

China has asked Canada to suspend all pork and beef exports due to a falsified export certificate, the association representing Canadian meat producers confirmed Tuesday. The Canadian Meat Council said the ban, which came into effect Tuesday evening, was prompted »

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Canadians going meatless

Well, not quite, but on the eve of World Vegan Day (Nov 1), a new national survey shows Canadians attitudes towards meat are changing The survey estimates 6.4 million Canadians (out of a population of just over 36 million) have »

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Canadian food inspectors express concerns

According to a new Abacus Data survey commissioned by their union,  some 55 percent of the food safety workers for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency say that current staffing levels are insufficient and 70 percent think a major food illness »

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Meat processor wants to hire Syrian refugees

A meat-processing company is offering to hire Syrian refugees, reports Canadian Press (CP). Several companies in the meat sector have a chronic shortage of workers, in part because of restrictions on the hiring of temporary foreign workers. The Canadian government »

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Processed meats are carcinogenic: UN cancer agency

UN Scientists have classified processed meats as carcinogenic and red meat as probably carcinogenic. This will be another headache for Canadian parents who commonly pack ham or baloney sandwiches into the lunches their children take to school. It is also »

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Canadian meat producers applaud final win over US trade law.

In years past, beef cattle, hogs and other livestock moved back and forth across the Canada-US border in a vastly important trade relationship. Several years ago, the US instituted a programme called Country Of Origin Labelling (COOL) insisting that American »