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New app helps manage children’s medical file

Managing a person’s medical appointments and information can be complicated, especially those of children with serious or chronic ailments. Researchers at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) have developed an award-winning app called Opal which helps »


COVID-19 causing delays in other medical treatments

With hospitals and medical staff preoccupied and priotitizing cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, other medical appointments, surgeries and tests have been put on hold. This has created a massive backlog all across the country. The non-profit Angus Reid Institute’s latest »


Philanthropic grant funds research for innovative way to treat brain disorders

A $16.7 million grant from the W. Garfield Weston Foundation will fund research for a new innovative way to treat brain diseases and disorders such as cancer and Alzheimer’s according to a press release from the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre »

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Multi-million dollar class-action settlement for vaginal mesh

Hundreds of Canadian women have been awarded a settlement of $21.5 million related to a medical device called ‘trans-vaginal mesh”. The polypropylene screen is used to as a sort of sling to support and treat stress urinary incontinence or pelvic »

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Important medical advance for heart patient treatment

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death worldwide with heart attacks as a major concern, This is when blood flow to the heart itself is restricted which can lead in some cases to heart failure. In Canada there are »

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New technique greatly improves amputees’ quality of life

A new technique to improve the lives of amputees was performed for the first time in Quebec recently. It involves a titanium rod inserted into the femur and extending outside the body. A prosthesis is then attached to the rod. »


Canada worst for leaving medical instruments inside patients.

It’s an alarming thought, but leaving sponges, clamps, needles, probes inside patients after surgery is a possibility, and a new study shows it happens all too often in Canada. A new report puts Canada in a bad light in this »

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When a common medical research tool is not entirely accurate

Medical research into the complex and detailed field of cell function, genetics, and related diseases use antibodies to detect where proteins are in the cell and their number.  Proteins are biomolecules that translate information from an organism’s genes into the »

Terry Haig, Lynn Desjardins, Marc Montgomery

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The LINK Online, Oct 18.19.20, 2019

Your hosts Lynn, Terry, Marc  (video of show at bottom) Canada’s election and political opinion polls: Can they influence voters? In any major election, there are almost always dozens of opinion polls taken, and often on a daily basis. They »

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The LINK Online, Oct.11,12,13, 2019

Your hosts, Lynn, Marc, with guest Stephane Parent, host of RCI’s French language programme  (video of show at bottom) Canadian election, debate of the leaders in French There have now been two official debates among the record number of federal »